Lubed Chloe Couture & Naomi Woods in Soaking Wet Panties

Naughty babe Naomi Woods wanted to prepare something special for her lover’s anniversary, so she took Chloe Couture on a vacation. Since their trip was too long, as soon as they arrived, they both jumped into a tub full of water.


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However, they did not know they were being watched. Soon after, a guy with a huge hard on came from behind the bathroom curtains, and they both started to suck his raging boner.

He then started fucking the lovely Naomi, who just screamed in pleasure while her lover fingered her pussy. After a bit, they switched positions so that Chloe could experience pleasures too.

They started switching up so much, that he could not hold it in anymore. Chloe’s snatch was so tight, and her lovers tongue was so pleasing, that this guy ended up cumming inside of her drenched pussy.

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