Khloe Kapri in Oil and Water

Petite blonde babe Khloe Kapri is ready to tease by the pool wearing nothing but a very skimpy bikini that shows off her slim body extremely well.  Would you not love to push aside her top and play with her tits and pierced nipples as she does in this free sample video?  The camera gets in nice and close when she starts adjusting her swimsuit bottoms, tugging it up against her clit and pussy before removing them entirely.  The massage oil comes out next and she starts using it to make her shaved pussy even more slippery.

Click Here to see the FULL 4k HD Video! specializes in lubed sex scenes and this one gets really hot when Khloe is joined by a male friends who has been quite aroused by the show she has put on.  He adds quite a bit of oil to her petite body and helps make a mess, rubbing his cock against her tight ass to spread it around.

Once he’s happy with the amount of lube on her, he takes her from behind.  Khloe takes advantage of the oil, using her fingers to penetrate that beautiful tight ass of hers

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